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Making it easy for your drivers to comply means a happier customer. Trifecta Mobility is optimised for each type of freight, easy to use, and powerful in function.


One Login, Every Job Type

Our Mobility presents the driver with optimised workflows for every work type, support compliance, is fast and intuitive
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Context Driven Work Flows 

The workflow for your driver changes for the different work types the are carrying

Perfect Mobility for Each Work Type 

General freight has a different workflow requirement to Containers, as does a point to point Job versus an onsite Job. With Trifecta mobility the workflow is optiised for the type of job your are doing.  

Images Any Time 

Drivers can capture and save images at any time. These are stored with the context of when they were taken (Loading, Unloading etc) or as compliance images. 

Flexible Navigation

Navigation is available to show the route, navigate to a pickup, or to the delivery destination.

Things Do Not Always Go To PLan

With our mobile drivers can edit metrics, record pallet movements,  confirm seal numbers, and Fail Jobs with the reason highlighted to dispatch, Endirse, or shorthand. Mobility always works, if offline we store the data and instantly update when back in coverage. 

Pause, or Work Multiple Jobs 

Drivers can Pause a job, ensuring pre loads have accurate timers and dispatch continuity. Additionally Drivers can have several jobs in different states of progress at any time. 

Pre Start Compliance

Configure your specific pre start check within Trifecta and report on the driver issues and compliance. 

Mobility that Supports Rating and Analytics

Our Timers and Data capture is second to none. 
Dynamic Timers

We record the total Job Time, Driving time, Loading, Unloading and Waiting time.

Timers for Rating

Where Jobs have a time based charge, we display in billing the Estimated time, Actual time from device, and allow a manual override, or set to use the highest available value.


We provide detailed analytics on time based reporting. Variance between estimated and actual, Container dwell times, revenue per driven hours and more. With Trifecta you will understand your business.

Mobility Rating
Always on

Always On

Android or IOS - fully offline capable 
Google Play and App Store
Offline Mode

Working in Remote Areas is not a problem. Our App has an offline mode, all information and events are saved and updated the moment you are back online

Any Platform

Android or IOS are fully supported with an App that will configure itself to any Mobile or Tablet screen automatically

Compliance and Reporting

Take Images at any time, Pause, Endorse, Shortland, Fail - All at the tips of your finger
Accurate Times

We run Timers for your work, capture loading, driving, waiting, unloading. Ensure you have the data for billing and reporting to maximise your trucks. Pre-loading? Drivers can Pause their Jobs at any time.

Endorse, Short, Fail

Drivers can add endorsements that are highlighted to dispatch and admin, short land deliveries, or fail a Job with reason codes

Dynamic Images

Drivers can take pictures at any point, the system classifies them against the Job as Compliance, Loading, Unloading etc. Any image can be selected to be attached to the POD, or simply capture an image when getting the POD signed.

What Gets measured Gets Done 

Real Time reporting on Driver mobile Compliance and Subbie POD compliance

Mobility Compliance

Full Navigation

Clear Guidence

Driver can over view route in advance, Navigate to the Pick Up, or to the Delivery.

Mobility Navigation
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