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Special Freight

Crane trucks, bulk, panels, decisions, perfect fleet visibility, and a clear view of the big picture. It's a little bit different, so we have a module that does it perfectly. 


Fast Paced, with Options to Optimise. 

From Job entry to dispatch, Contract Management to Billing we give you the right tools for the job. 
Fully Visual

Fully Visual -Everything Your Operators Need. 

Seamless access to comprehensive job details and a transparent audit trail, enhancing efficiency, accountability, and communication
Full Drag and Drop Visual Planning

Reduce training and increase understanding. All Jobs can be planned and executed using a dynamic visual planning grid.

One Screen, Intuitive 

Everything you need one click away. No need to navigate screens, work visually and access the key information at any time

Address management

All addresses are created and verified to ensure consistent and correct information when planning, rating and reporting. System remembers and corrects previous “bad” addresses.

Route Planning

Quickly create custom route codes to allow rapid sorting of Jobs and easy optimisation of laneways.

Inline Edits

Jobs can be rapidly updated inline with no need to open for edits. Time is money.

The Trifecta "Eye View"

Accessible from everywhere in the system, one click to see all the job detail, History, Movements, Planned Legs, Metrics and Notes. View any attachments, photos, or timelines.

Equipment Managment

Create your own equipment lists, allocate those Trailers, Lifters, Fly Gibs, and Spreader Bars so your driver always turns up prepared.

Bulk Contracts

Quickly Create and Manage high volume multi truck tasks. Easily see progress, balances and values at all times

Project Coordination

Some Jobs have many moving parts. Easily Co-Ordinate Pilots, Flat Decks, Cranes and Subbies. Manage to tasks and track the Project.

Always-On Timeline Tracking

Always be able to account for the time on a job, contract, or project. Loading, Driving, Waiting can all be reported from the mobility and is available to view and edit at any stage.

Best In Class Rating

Best In Class Rating

Specialised Rating allows Global Rates, Device led time-based billing, or leverage all the capabilities of our Freight Rating Engine.. 
Rapid Rate Card Builder

Build, review and configure your rate cards in Excel, then simply drag and drop them into Trifecta and we do the rest.

Manual Rating

Any job can be manually rated at any stage, surcharges can be manually applied at any time with a full history of who did what.

Sub-Contractor Rating

All rating available for Freight Payer and Sub-Contractor (BCTI) at all levels, rate at an order or delivery level

Custom Zones

Group delivery sites, regions, localities to suit you pricing structures, reduce administration and errors for zone-based rating.

GRI Management

Apply GRI’s to customers, rate cards, or individual rates. Can be done in advance, reviewed and approved.

General Rating

Rate on a Pro Rata or Schedule basis using locations and regions. Set your own cubic conversion or consolidate by delivery - its all possible.

Time-Based Rates

Specific Rate Engine for time based billing. Use estimated time, device time, or a manual time, or have the system use the highest value for calculations.

Global Rate Cards

Create default rate cards, have multiple rate freight payers or subbies on a single rate card.

Revenue Allocation

Systematically allocate revenue across multiple legs and carriers at order level, accurately report revenue per truck every day.

Effective and Expiry Dates for Rates and FAF

We provide the ability to pre load rates and FAF with effective dates, and expire old rate formats in the future. No need to “cleanse” your billing when implementing a GRI or FAF change.

Surcharge Management

Build your own surcharges, apply systematically or manually based on a wide range of calculation rules.

Optimised For Mobility

Boost operational efficiency and user experience with our powerful, offline-capable app, job-specific UX, multi-stop navigation, event-tagged photos, seamless document sharing, and efficient multi-job handling.
Google Play and App Store
Powerful Android App with Full Off-Line Functionality

We have a full native mobile application, when offline we store the data and update the moment we are back in coverage.

Job-Type Context Sensitive Mobile User Experience

The work flow on the job changes based on the work type. Onsite lifts, freight, containers, bulk – optimised and intuitive.

Send & View Attachments Anywhere

Send attachments straight to the driver, DG paperwork, Site Plans, Certifications etc. Avoid phone calls and misunderstandings.

Manage the Unexpected

Endorsements, Fail a Job, Shortland, Edit Metrics and Products (Permission based), or Pause Jobs (Pre Loading).

Multi-Stop Navigation Powered by Google Maps

Drivers can preview their route, get turn by turn navigation to the pick up or navigate at any time to their destination.

Event Tagged Photos

Not just the POD, photos can be captured at any time for compliance, reporting, damage, safety, and of course the POD

Sequential and Parallel Jobbing

Ability to action multiple jobs at once.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Comprehensive, real-time business insights, customisable reporting, and sustainability tracking, enabling enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.
Out-Of -The-Box Business Reporting Suite

DIFOT, Utility, Revenue Allocation, Drier Compliance, Subbie Compliance, Revenue, and Floor Reporting out of the box.

Operational Analytics

Configure reports to understand your business in real-time.

Microsoft Power BI Tailored Reporting

Available within Trifecta or built from your own data warehouse.

Advanced Carbon Emissions Reporting

Carbon emissions reporting by truck, freight payer, order, and manifest.

Full Data Warehouse

Need to consolidate your data across your business? No Problem we can provide a full real-time data warehouse in Azure.

Fully Connected

Robust real-time tracking and management capabilities, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and effective communication throughout the logistics process. Easy and Intuitive Customer Environment
Real-Time Fleet Visibility

We consume your Telematics every 15 seconds ensuring every event is logged by location and your KMS are captured for reporting.

Real-Time Network Visibility

Fleet Status views ensure you can rapidly see the activity across your fleet in real time and identify any issues or opportunities

Customer and Subbie Portal

Not just a restricted log in to the system. A fully developed, real-time separate environment specific to the customers requirements

Always Across your Commitments 

With Specialised Freight, tracking your complex Projects and Bulk Contracts is simple and always available.

Real-Time Issue Resolution to Point-Of-Delivery

Drivers can endorse, fail, short land, or pause jobs in real-time from mobile.

Fully Connected

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Seamless connectivity across major accounting, warehouse, fleet, and port management systems, enhancing operational efficiency, data management, and comprehensive reporting capabilities for unmatched transportation management.

Xero MYOB Accredo Netsuite ERoad Consignly WMS Paperless WMS Interlogic WMS ICOS Port Connect (NZ) API to consume and publish Importer to manage and easily set up your customer EDI's

Microsoft Azure

Full provision of data to Azure Data Warehouse allowing consolidated reporting from many data points.

Easy Exporting

If you can see it you can export it to txt, xml and csv, because sometimes its just easier to have what you need in Excel.

Powerful User Administration

Better security, efficiency, and manageability of user administration, making it easier to oversee and control user access and roles.
Default Role-Based Profiles

Manage the roles in your business not the people. Safer and faster.

Granular Permissions

Users permissions can be managed to a granular level, what reports they see, what actions they can complete, what customers they can view, what divisions they can access

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