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Trifecta: A Transport Management System Without Compromise

With Trifecta, you can achieve seamless integration, superior performance, and a future-proof solution that keeps you ahead in the competitive world of logistics.

Why Trifecta?

In the dynamic world of logistics, many carriers manage a variety of freight types. You might be handling containers, operating a metro curtain fleet, and covering flat deck, panel, or Hiab work. Each mode of freight demands a unique management approach, yet most Transportation Management Systems (TMS) apply a one-size-fits-all solution, leading to suboptimal results. The differences extend beyond operational management to billing requirements, analytics, and customer expectations.

Specialised TMS solutions often focus on a single mode of freight. While they may excel in that area, they struggle to scale as your business grows, hindered by outdated technology and clunky user interfaces. What carriers truly need is a system that not only optimises workflows but also engages a new generation of employees. Modern technology expectations are high, and retaining and attracting staff requires a platform that is both functional and engaging.

Enter Trifecta TMS.

Consistent and Engaging User Experience

Trifecta TMS offers a consistent user experience across all functions, with powerful user configurations and a dynamic grid-based UI ensuring that information is always at hand. Our address validation feature improves decision-making, systematic pricing accuracy, and reporting capabilities. The unique “Eye View” allows any user to instantly see all job elements, history, and current status from any screen with a single click.

Our mobility feature is context-driven, presenting drivers with information optimised for their specific tasks. Drivers can open and view attachments, capture images at any stage, associate them with job events, or allocate them to a POD. The system tracks all pallet movements, monitoring exchange shortfalls by carrier, customer, or delivery point.


Freight Management

Trifecta TMS is designed to handle everything from simple freight tasks to complex multi-leg, cross-docked, multi-carrier operations. Its operational workflow, rating engine, administration, mobility, and customer interface are scalable, efficient, and accurate. With Trifecta, your TMS supports growth rather than hindering it, accommodating your freight business regardless of size. Our system manages split loads seamlessly, ensures short landing and endorsements are never missed, and applies route codes systematically for clearer planning. Users can manifest directly or build loads to review utility.

Container Management

Our container module is built from scratch to manage containers efficiently and profitably. Features include a container-centric billing engine, intuitive order creation, full port connect capability, fully visual dispatch, configurable demurrage and detention, stack management, bulk job allocations, and triangulation. In the tight margins of container freight, our system delivers value at every level. With our unique container status, users can instantly understand the current point of the life cycle of a container, receive alerts for impending demurrage or detention, and track dwell time to ensure clients meet their obligations.


Specialised Freight

Designed for high-speed dispatch, full visual planning, large bulk contracts, and freight projects, Trifecta TMS helps you easily understand daily requirements and capacity constraints while keeping your customers informed. Easily manage large bulk movements, break bulk projects, Hiab fleets or specialist flat deck work. Allocate specific equipment to a job and ensure everyone arrives on site with clarity.

Deliver Engaged Customers

We understand you customer needs to be engaged and informed, so we provide a customer portal that is designed specifically to a customer’s needs. This makes it easy for them to configure how they want to view information, create and edit jobs, produce paperwork and see the stats of all their freight.

Superior Analytics

Understanding that what gets measured gets done, Trifecta TMS offers the best analytics available. Our system provides clear insights into delivery performance, utility, compliance, revenue, and margin, ensuring you have the information needed to make informed decisions and improve operations. Of course if you need to reference a broader data set we provide a full AZURE data warehouse for all your TMS data.

Why Trifecta?

Trifecta TMS is not just another tool; it's a comprehensive platform designed to grow with your business, ensuring efficiency and engagement at every level. By focusing on freight, containers, and specialised freight, we provide a solution that meets the diverse needs of your business without compromise. With Trifecta, you can achieve seamless integration, superior performance, and a future-proof solution that keeps you ahead in the competitive world of logistics.


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